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Awersome song.. expecially.. when

this part comes.

Used to be a Romeo til’ I found my Juliet Now I wanna don’t roam no more, And all my love she gets.. She come from a different place, I come from the other side.. Even though we not the same.. That girl she changed my life, oh my Juliet. I finally found ya.. oh my Juliet. I finally found ya.. my Juliet.

Maa .. !

The.. best thing that a child can get in the world.. well.. i love my mother so much.. i know every1 does.. she is the only person in the world who will be standing by our side.. when no body does.. she scolds us when we are wrong and.. appreciate us when we do something good.. well.. i call my mum BUM.. i like it.. and well.. she dint like it like.. when i kept.. it.. but now.. she likes.. it.. in the morning  i’m the 1st 1 to see her face.. she makes milk for me.. and makes me drink it in the sleep ..some thing just can be expressed.. it can be expressed by love .. not by writing.. stuff..


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